Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Castle: Was there method in Marlowe's madness?

We have now had 5 episodes in series 6 of Castle and I can now shout from the rooftops Marlowe has his mojo back. ( I am saying Marlowe but including the whole team here.)  I might add it is about time.

It is fantastic to have that eager enthusiasm to watch the next episode ( over the Internet) and simply enjoy the moment and know this is the GREATEST series of all time!

IMHO there NEVER will be two people in a series who act as they are totally in love as Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. This gives the series its magic.

But to our topic at large. We have been quite critical of the final arc and the first two episodes here.

(See castle-is-it-about-to-jump-shark? , castle-beckett-watershed-dc-job-and-restcastle-questions-and-some-advice-for-Andrew-Marlowe and maybe even castle-debate-about-andrew-marlowe )

However let us give Mr Marlowe the benefit of the doubt. What if his main story was Beckett learning from her many mistakes. After All he paints her as stupid and selfish BUT we know overall she is not like that.

(Even some of us ageing people have been known to be stupid and selfish but change when given advice from our wives!)
We know Beckett really did not think about both the DC job nor her relationship very much when she accepted the DC job.
She showed a complete lack of self awareness on her part ( i.e. she did not understand what made her tick).
She has no idea of what getting engaged meant nor how the job would impact her,Castle and Caskett.

She is unquestionably a far different woman since the engagement and since the sacking.

This I believe Marlowe is showing the whole DC job to be her watershed moment except it is a lengthy watershed moment and ongoing.

She is growing emotionally and maturing in the relationship. Let us remember she has little experience of this compared to Castle. (How ironic she was suspicious of Castle at first but he has vastly more experienced than her in lengthy relationships.)

Thus I find it quite brave of Marlowe to portray Beckett as both stupid and selfish for a short time however I do applaud his general direction of her as a person.

She has learnt from her mistakes. A person who went to business school could not have done better!

Beckett revealed in the episode she moved into a place with a bloke in her life. more grist to the mill for my married man thesis. ( see Kate Beckett update )