Monday, 21 October 2013

A short note on the history of this blog

I started up this blog in September 2012. The very first article showed how John Roskam of IPA infamy either did not know his subject or was extremely misleading in his knowledge of 'facts'.

I also entertained the fact that the essential poll seemed out of kilter with the other polls.

Since then many articles have been written.
A few things that have occurred are thus:

  • I started Around The Traps . It had modest beginnings. My idea was simply to show up the 'best' articles I had seen on blogs.Since then it has blossomed. I read a lot more blogs, the articles of 'quality' have increased and other people tell us of articles I have not come across. Here Mark Thoma must have an honourable mention. He has a daily links section on his blog and I do find articles I haven't come across.
  • It seems this has become a resource for people as the numbers on the various Around the Traps  are increasing all the time. If so I am glad to have helped out.
  • I read a lot more different blogs than I previously did. I found out about Andrew Gelman and Dave Giles on statistics and econometrics respectively and now follow each religiously. I found out about Worthwhile Canadian Initiative, Tim Harford, Dianne Coyle and Chris Dillow from Simon Wren-Lewis's excellent blog . He also has a link to Vox which is not to be missed. Brian Banisch started up his excellent climate clippings at LP
  • I found out about David Glasner via a debate on Keynes and have remained a fan of his ever since.
  • Similarly in Australia Ricardo Ambivalence writes high quality articles that should never be missed.
  • I hardly comment these days. Possibly the reason is i do not have to. If something is on my mind I can write about it here.
  • My wife complains to me I am on the computer for too long at night. Reading blog articles can be time consuming!
  • The number of people coming here to read has increased over time. Around The Traps ( naturally ) has the largest numbers but there are also large numbers of Castle fans out there, particularly in Russia
  • I am still perplexed why I get so many comments to me via e-mail and not via the comments section
I thought when I started this blog I would write a lot on sport but this has not happened. I did not think I would become a Caskett shipper simply because I wrote about the series. nor did I think I would attempt to put on music tracks every Sunday but when I can that is what I do.

All in all I have enjoyed myself. I hope you have as well.