Sunday, 1 September 2013

The ALP has played the wrong strategy

To my mind the ALP has had a wretched campaign.

  1. After starting off brightly and being 'Prime Ministerial' Rudd then became somewhat flaky  and behaved like an Opposition Leader and a bad one at that. This is a constant theme over all of the Government's terms so my guessing is no matter which advisers are advising they are all bad, very bad.
  2. They keep harping on how much the coalition will cut and the $70 billion black hole. Tony Abbott is a big government conservative. So was he government he served in previously. Think about it the previous Coalition government under John Howard increased middle income welfare substantially. Whenever the ALP has ever tried to cut back on any of this welfare the Coalition has always voted against it. There is little chance they will adopt an austerity package particularly since the bureaucracy will not recommend this. Put simply this scare campaign has no legs thus no-one is buying it.
They needed to tell the economic story much better, They needed to tell us why nominal  GDP growth is so low and why it will continue to be so for some time and hence why the budget cannot and should not be attempted to be brought into balance yet.

Related to his they needed to show why the major problem is a structural problem with taxation. There isn't a problem with spending. If there was cash rates would be rising not falling.
However they have not done this.

We know now that 2007 wasn't a one-off for Rudd. He is not a good campaigner. Nor does he have a good team around him. Bye Bye!!