Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Castle: Questions and some advice for Andrew Marlowe

We previously explored problems of the last episode of Castle series 5 here.

What I want to do now is examine what are the main questions that should be answered in the 1st episode of series 6 to be aired on September 23 ( USA time).

As this piece will be quite critical of Andrew Marlowe and the final arc of series 5 it is only fair I put up an alternate view. This of course is the Lovely Lady from Writing on the castle Walls. ( you will have to explore the site but it is worth it.)

The major questions are and this in no order of importance.

Why the difference in attitude in jobs between this situation and what happened with Will Sorensen? He was transferred to Boston but she refused to follow him. He was earning more money than her. Here Castle earns a lot more money than her.

Why is Beckett being portrayed as a bimbo?  She accepts Stack's word without question but he was very unimpressive.She does NO research into the job. She does not use her network and since she lied to Castle about it cannot use his. She doesn't even understand how important Castle is to her. Indeed no-one does. Neither Stack, Gates, Beckett or the interviewer understand this important dynamic. If she goes to DC and then realises how bad it is for her relationship with Castle then that is reinforcing her as a bimbo.
Until the final arc Beckett was never a bimbo.

Why did Gates give Beckett her highest recommendation? After All she had suspended her from duty and should have known Beckett broke several rules whilst 'guarding' Vaughn.

When, why and how did Beckett change from being a homicide detective for idealistic reasons into an ambitious career driven woman?  We have no idea here. Does she realise she won't be empathising with victims in DC. There is more to the work than gathering evidence?

Why was the interviewer for the job so incompetent?  He had no idea of her relationship with Castle, He asserts her background, qualifications and experience is very good for the job. BUT in Australia they would be looking at a well rounded detective not one who has only done homicide. Her educational qualifications would have atrophied as a detective since she hasn't used any university training much in her job. Homicide detectives utilise evidence a lot. This is vastly different from intelligence which we can assume is part of this job.

Why did she lie to Castle in each of the last three episodes? Is this becoming a habit or simply something she does when under pressure.

Why would she say yes to Castle's proposal? She has to all extent and purposes acceptd the DC job when it is clearly a relationship destroyer as she told her Dad.

Why is a proposal being proposed ( pun intended)?  These two cannot talk to each other, are not open, keep secrets and as we see in the DC job cannot share ( well Beckett cannot).

Neither Espo nor Ryan had been told about this job. In real life they would be ropable Beckett has taken this job without telling them. They are a family at the 12th. They share things and Beckett obviously hasn't. There is also the problem of rivalry between organisations and here it is the NYPD and the agency.

We really should see the Caskett relationship develop and grow not deteriorate as it did over Series 5. Two people who are in love and love each other ( they are entirely two different things) cannot have so much angst in their relationship. Get rid of it!

The major reasons why Castle has been the GREATEST series of all time is because of the Caskett relationship and the zany cases they investigate. The banter between the two shouldn't reduce when they become a couple it should increase!
The comradery of the team makes it easy for them to work at their best.

This is what we need to see.We do not want to see a soap opera!

I am reasonably happy with Marlowe up to the final arc of Series 5. Castle  then goes somewhat pear shaped. We know Caskett will happen BUT it needs to be sensible , logical and consistent with previous episodes.