Sunday, 15 September 2013

Catallaxy:There is no hope

Quite some time ago I wrote about how Catallaxy needed to lift its game.

However following on Sinclair Davidson's presentation which we examined  (and to be very charitable it was incompetent) we must now say Catallaxy is beyond hope.

Let us just look at a few contributors:

  • Sinclair Davidson, well we have already dealt with him
  • Henry Ergas, Our 'Enry implies since the NZ Government has projected it budget to be balanced then Australia' should be as well. Oops he forgot to say the budget is predicated on rather optimistic rising terms of trade assumptions. This translates into their Nominal GDP being double to what ours is. Funny about that!
  • Judith Sloan said on National Television ( Q&A to be precise) that the NBN was off the balance sheet. Check that out!  Any retraction or saying sorry I got that badly wrong. No! When commenter SDFC at Catallaxy told all and sundry it was on the balance sheet he was abused for the thought. What bright people they have there.
  • And of course how can we forget Katesy. Go and look what he said about how Romney would win the US election. How Nate Silver, Sam Wang, Simon Jackman et al had it all wrong. Did he admit how badly wrong he had been? No! (We will ignore his preposterous claims European nations were following Keynesian policies.)

Put simply no-one at Catallaxy is capable of telling the truth. It is all about ideology. They are simply mimicking the communists from the 1950s!

How utterly ironic!

It is violently anti-intellectual.