Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Blogosphere at its best

Most days I really enjoy reading around the traps and the various articles written.

Today was no exception. I could do this I think any week but to select but two articles which would be beneficial to read and understand then:

Read  Ricardian Ambivalence. I make no apology for being a huge fan of this man.

He works in the financial markets yet goes out of his way to write about the financial markets to help people understand them better. In this article he tells us why we should be examining the trimmed mean estimate of the CPI rather than the weighted median.
( I should have mentioned it was our own RBA that started this emphasis. now the Cleveland Fed provides similar figures for the USA when its monthly CPI is released. Why oh why can't WE have a Monthly CPI????)

Kevin O'Rourke writes at what I call Voxwonk on why-economics-needs-economic-history. this is an update about what he wrote about at the blog The Irish economy. It is essential reading as well.

Indeed Noah Smith writes about when-have-econ-blogs-changed-your-mind. In both these cases if you were thinking something different change your mind now!!.

Thank you Ricardo and Kevin from the bottom of my heart.

(Of course MY big discovery was why Kate Beckett was running away from Castle!!)

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