Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Is Kevin Rudd a game changer part 2

Has anything changed since Kevin Rudd was made Leader of the ALP?

Yes it has. Rudd has made himself into a Peter Beattie type of politician. If you want to reform the ALP then you just have to vote for him.

I thought previously any internal squabbling would be bad for the ALP, HOWEVER Rudd has now made that an asset. He is seen as ,rightly, anti-factional politician. This has come about as much by the Liberal party as it has by either himself or his supporters. So when ever a factional leader or their acolyte attempts to show disunity is still in the ALP they fail miserably.

Rudd has already shown he is by far superior to Gillard and Swan as a politician however he has yet to come to terms with the implications of below trend GDP growth nor has he come up with a story on deficits and debt (see  mumble) although I think he will.

I still think the ALP will lose the next election however a close loss means a lot for the incoming government.

Just for a bonus some articles on this topic which will feature in Friday's Around the Traps.