Friday, 19 July 2013

Castle. Who is Kate Beckett ? update

Before I start.

For any Castle fans writing on the castlewalls is a must read. She writes beautifully and even when I disagree with her I still love reading her.
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President Danny G Superstar!!  This is about the episode which will never ever be NAMED!

Okay the main reason for this update is that the wall is cobblers.

Go to the very first three episodes of Castle.
We see our Kate very angry about married men who have affairs with women with no disregard for the consequences.

Castle immediately writes that Nikki Heat was badly hurt ( emotionally) in her life.
This was to do with their second case where a married man was promising to leave his wife and join his lover in a relationship. He didn't.

This implies Our Kate has had an affair with a married man. We do  know she is prim and proper so she would not known at first  he was married but she found out.
When confronted he swore to her he was leaving his wife and family. She didn't like this at all but in the end it was of course , as usual, all lies. She was flung aside and made to feel as just another 'conquest'.

We do know she is a sucker for the lies made by people who want to mess with her head.

Three of the most transparent liars, Meredith, Vaughn and Stack, all mess with her head when any normal person would have easily seen the lies for what they were.

The last three episodes now make sense.

Why would any normal woman think Castle is not enormously in love with her

  • He tried to take a bullet for her at the funeral.
  • He waited four years for her.
  • He came back and was with her when she is standing on a bomb and is very likely to be killed. He is saying he cannot and will not  live on this world without her.

BUT to a woman who woman who was  scorned ( remember the Nikki Heat book launch) this is all meaningless.

She sees him preferring to play an game instead of having sex with her. She begins to think Castle is getting sick of her.
It brings back memories of her being rejected before.
Then Vaughn ,a blatant liar, gets into her head about the Caskett relationship. This simply exacerbated doubts started by that other blatant liar Meredith.

Stack gets into head head about her ability and her job despite having lied blatantly about several parts of that investigation.

This leads her to the job offer that clearly she has never thought through properly. After All if this super agency is so red hot why couldn't they solve the murder it took her team a day to solve.

Hence it was this affair that leads to all the doubts now.

Her relationships before Castle are all relationships that were never going to work.
Sorensen was with the FBI and would transferred hither and thither. She was never going to follow him.
Deming was more of a whim and an attempt to make Castle jealous.
Josh was a prat who was all over the place. Again a 'normal' relationship was never on the cards.

The Watershed to me is Our Kate finally coming to terms with all this. She now understands what family means, what her home is  and this leads to her understanding how important Castle is.

This is why she chooses the swings to meet.
It has ameliorated his anger previously and she is hoping it will again. She has to say sorry for her actions.
She approaches the swings very positive but thinks Castle will break up with her given his facial expression and his attitude.

Then he proposes. She is not expecting that at all!!


Some people have asked me if the Valentine's gift and the birthday present negates all this.

In fact it adds to the argument.

Beckett does both things and they are a huge thing for her to do and show how deep her love is for Castle BUT the doubts are always around. It doesn't matter how generous Castle is in his appreciation. It is just like the examples that have already been shown of his love for her.
Once Beckett gets doubts they grow because of this previous relationship with the married man!!!
We must remember Our Kate is an emotional 'bimbo'. This is hard to contemplate because she is clearly an intelligent woman but this contradiction is part of her character.

Further Postscript

This relationship with with the married man explains why Beckett is such a fervent 'one and done'girl.

The 'emotional bimbo' angle explains why she took over a year to realise there might be a contradiction between the public and private personas of Castle.
It also explains why she is so insistent Castle doesn't know her and she is right!!

It also explains why she is a glass half empty gal.

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