Monday, 4 March 2013

The ALP Government does not deserve sympathy

I am sick to death with people who wish to make up excuses for the present Government.

As this is a rant I am no particular order going to show that they do not deserve sympathy.
The Government helped Australia avoid a recession from the GFC . Other nations either had a recession or depression. The Opposition at the time promised to do something similar but using different policies ( as I have elaborated here.) Add to that the blatant lies the Opposition told about the cost of their policies and the government should be a mile ahead in terms of better economic manager. The Kouk has written some good stuff here  and here.  Why has no-one said any of this?

As we observed  previously the policy on insulating homes was actually reasonably good.( Note the comments sections. See how dyslexic they get.). BER is even better. Critics  put up a figure that they believe the government is being over-charged without realising it is cheaper than the average cost of schoolrooms etc built.

The Government should have realised by now that government is about policy, selling those policies and criticising different policies to theirs.

In short this present mob couldn't sell a cold beer on a hot day. They can't even perform a proper defence of good policy. Essential polling has over 30% of people believe interest rates are now higher than when the government came to office! That in essence tells you everything about the Government.

Tony Abbott went overboard on criticism of the ETS. . He claimed the ETS would have a larger impact on the economy than the GST. What did they say?
The ETS was NO different that the deal between the Government and Opposition. No-one called that a carbon tax. Why in heavern's name did they call the present ETS a carbon tax?

This is only very brief but it shows a Government which has bad staff and Ministers who cannot explain anything. Add to this an inability to explain why they got rid of  Rudd and you have little reason to vote for them.