Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Last weekend my wife took the boys to her mother's at Blayney. I couldn't go as the game I was umpiring hadn't been called off at the time.

I watched some Castle episodes.

I have said previously the acting and writing is first class so here i give evidence to that fact.

She is very strait laced since her mother was murdered.It has taken over her life and thus she is a very good detective.

He is still the multi-millionaire playboy yet to grow up.

In this scene she is almost sneering to start with. Castle shows he has substance and withdraws when he sees how vulnerable she is. She starts to have doubts about her original judgement of him.

Watch this and her facial expressions. It is really very good.  ( She is smoking hot with her longer wavy hair but I prefer her like this. She is merely attractive. Very tough but vulnerable.

This is the very last scene of Series two. They all want Beckett to get together with Castle. She has changed since Castle came on board and they think it would be great for her to now have some happiness given her history BUT fate deems otherwise.

It is a very sad scene because of the facial expressions of the group. the haunting song in the background ( into the blue by Sarah Jackson- Holman, I should add after listening to the lyrics how very appropriate) and by Beckett's facial impressions and voice.

I love this series.

I have been asked to elaborate a bit more on this series by a friend ( female) who got tearful at the second scene.

As I said Castle is a multi- millionaire crime writer who is still a boy i.e quite irresponsible. He also has wrtier's block. A crime is committed which looks like just like ones he has written about. In short he teams up with Beckett  to find the killer. At the end of all this he realises he has found his new subject. Detective Kate Beckett.

As time goes on it is clear Castle changes. He originally is a  a person who thinks outside the box in assisting to solve crimes, however as times goes by he becomes responsible whilst still being fun.

She gradually changes as well and begins to enjoy life.
The scene above has her realising how important Castle is in her life but she has made her move too late.
(Isn't the music appropriate and fantastic.)

This is the end of Series 2. The writers are superb and the acting ,as you can see, is as well.

One minor criticism . Beckett is clearly an introvert but every so often they make her an extrovert.