Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pink Batts

I had a conversation about the 'pink batts' scheme which was put into place by the Government to combat the GFC with a good friend of mine.

(Before I go on a bit of required reading:)

In no particular order

One thing I didn't understand was how pink batts could cause problems with potential fires. In fact they didn't!
The problem was where contractors actually poured installation stuff ( highly technical term) into the roof and it got ,as one might expect, very very close to downlights ( which get quite hot if left on for a reasonable time.)  When the downlights were left on for a considerable period then fires eventuated.

I thought I might just make a point no-one else has now.

If you look at the number of fires before the program. there were ABOUT 85 fires from ABOUT 65,000 installations of insulation. ( I love that!)

Now if that ratio carries through to 1.5 million installations then you get over 1960 fires.  What actually happened is that we got almost ten times less.

You do not have to do a z-test to see there is a large difference here although it will tell you they are significantly different!

Now I am not saying there were no problems with this program. There were as the Audit office points out but two things stand out like the proverbial shag on a rock.
  1. A lot of houses are using less energy then they were before the program
  2. Safety in the industry improved enormously. Indeed if installation was actually physically installed alah pink batts and were not allowed to be poured in the roof then the number of fires would have been minimal.