Sunday, 10 February 2013

Homosexuality and Christianity

One of the more coloured topics in Christianity today is about homosexuality.
Is it allowed in Christianity and can a person be homosexual and be a christian.

First of all let us go to the expurgated of the expurgated version of Christianity.

There are only two types of people on Earth. Forgiven sinners and unforgiven sinners.
Anyone who sins must be punished. however when Jesus died on the cross he took the punishment for anyone's sin that believes in him. He proved he was able to be the right sacrifice because he rose from the dead. Therefore he was without sin. He was without sin because he was both God and man.

A forgiven sinner recognises their sinful behaviour and asks for forgiveness. They are given that by Christ's death.  An unforgiven sinner does not ask for forgiveness because they do not believe they have sinned.

A homosexual is in the same place as a heterosexual. They cannot engage in sex unless one is either a husband or a wife. Sex outside of marriage is sinful behaviour.

It is not sinful to be attracted to anyone. It is sinful to engage in sex or even fantasise about sex ( in other words lust) about someone they are not married to.

Therefore a person who is attracted to the same sex is in the same boat as a person who is attracted to the opposite sex. Just stop at attraction and leave it there. If you go further and cannot marry then it is clearly sinful behaviour.

The Bible is quite consistent in this. The act of sex outside of marriage is condemned in both the Old and New Testaments. Also relevant here is that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

What a lot of 'christians' get wrong is to condemn homosexuals who do not indulge in sex. This is wrong.
There appears to be a fear homosexuality will spread throughout the population.
The evidence proves otherwise. It has been consistently between 2-3 % in almost all surveys of the Australian population.
Also there appears to be a contradiction here as well. A lot of sermons are preached about the evils of the homosexual act but few are preached about the evils of the heterosexual act outside of marriage. Fornication and adultery are far more harmful to society than the act of homosexuality.
By all means condemn the act of homosexuality but equally condemn heterosexuals who engage in sex outside of marriage. According to Jesus quite a lot of married folk who are divorced should not be married at all and so regularly engage in adultery!!!

Why is this? Well if people in Australia think anything like they do in the USA then it isn't hard to understand.

Can a person who is homosexual in orientation but not practice become a minister/pastor/bishop/overseer?
No. the ONLY person who can fill such a position is one who has ruled his family wisely. We know this has occurred because the wife is reverent and children obedient. note neither has to be believers.
God is interested in men who can put their beliefs into practice. He isn't interested in people who merely have a good understanding of the subject!

I have been asked if there is any way to Heaven apart through Jesus Christ.
A person who does not believe in Jesus has no way to have his sins punished therefore he will be punished!