Sunday, 30 December 2012

Last Post for the Year

The following are interesting articles from various blogs around the place just in time for holiday reading.

  • Firstly from the Land of Oz Ken Parish looks at the political year and all the mud slinging. Lengthy but worthy of a read
  • Paul Krugman looks at structural deficits and sees some cyclical issues. This is becoming an issue in its own right. sometimes structural deficits/surpluses are affected by cyclical events. (econspeak on this as well.) This is about how some people never learn. It happens here as well! ( Brad De Long on fire on this.)
  • Noah Smith here and here looks at whether Japan can reflate. If the BOJ cannot hit a 1% CPI target how in the hell will it get near 2%!!
  • Menzies Chin looks back at 2012 and has a bit of fun.
  • The inimitable Mark Thoma provides great food for thought. the two Davids examine the Taylor rule and NGDP targeting and find problems.
  • Brad De Long  on showing why economic history is one of his strong points
  • Simon Wren-Lewis looks at the state of academic economics. hmm
  • Lastly Carbon taxes making Ireland greener. Begorrah