Sunday, 16 December 2012

Around the Traps

The following is sorry are some interesting articles from blogs I have read.
  • Simon Wren Lewis has an excellent article on looking at whether it takes a lot of Harberger triangles to fill an Okun gap. Read it and find out.
  • Jonathon Portes has an excellent guest contribution from Adam Posen on the UK economy
  • Mark the ballot has some interesting stuff on the polls. as I said on Friday read the blogs on his sidebar. The ALP can still win the next election IF history repeats itself!
  • The thin-skinned Ken Parish has a fantastic article on the 'Slipper ruling and the rest'
  • Lord Keynes looks at who the main critics of Hayekian business cycle theory were
  • Stephen King looks at two school attacks. One in the USA and the other in China. One person had guns and the other a knife. In one attack a lot of people were murdered and in the other none were!
  • Mark Thoma shows how todays is vastly different to the 1970s and son worries of stagflation are overdone
  • Bill Mitchell in an old article which I have only just read shows why I lost faith in Milton Friedman. ( I read about this at Uni.)
If I find more as I go reading today I will post more.