Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Revoking Citizenship

For some time the Government has leaked the information that it would revoke the citizenship of people found to be part of a terrorist organisation. It patently applies to ISIS/ISIL.

It is utterly stupid.

It puts people who murder people in the Middle East well ahead of people who murder in Australia. If an Australian commits a crime then charge them with the crime and they can defend themselves in court.
That is what occurs in a democracy.
If they are fighting against Australian forces there is a very easy charge to be made.

Moreover as David Kilcullen has said most Australians who have gone to the Middle East to fight have not actually been involved in fighting. They are involved in medical services etc.
People who become disillusioned with ISIL can be used to combat its influence and reduce their recruiting.

The Government's response thus far has been a boon to people seeking people to recruit for ISIL.

At this stage I am unsure whether this is due to being a very weak Government attempting to look strong or just plain incompetence. I am leaning to the former as I  do not believe they would be advised to do what they are doing at present.
Greg Craven makes a good point. Make no mistake being 'tough' on terrorism simply brings in more ISIL recruits!