Sunday, 24 May 2015

George Pell was hard done by

During the Royal Commission one of the people who claims to have been molested made allegations that George Pell rang him up and asked him how much money he would need to 'hush up' his allegations.

When I first heard this I was highly sceptical of these allegations.

He was a mere priest in Geelong. He had little money of his own and how was he in a position to make an offer on behalf of the diocese or get hold of it.

Moreover the time of this alleged offer was made AFTER the catholic priest in person had been charged. It is very hard to keep allegations under wraps if the said person has already been arrested.

This Royal Commission reminds me of the inquiry into the 'Stolen Generations' . No effort is involved to see whether the allegations are correct. All allegations are assumed to be right.

Royal Commissions are expensive things to run. We deserve to get EVIDENCE from them not just allegations.