Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Reactions to MYEFO

Here are three four thus far.

1. Greg Jericho
2. Mumble
3. Judith Sloan
4.The Kouk

One is really stupid as you might expect from someone who said on national TV that the NBN was not on the National balance sheet. ( She never reads budget papers.)

Why is it stupid you ask? Well if you cut spending as she wishes we have seen this done.
Swan's last budget ( that is the one he had full responsibility for) saw NOMINAL spending cut not just real spending. This budget was the tightest in budget history. It detracted 0.7 percentage points.
A strong memory is not one of  her assets.

Did the Economy fully recover?

No. the economy got weaker and the deficit this got bigger.
It didn't help that whilst commodity prices fell  the $A didn't!

Isn't it funny a political commentator knows more about economics than her? Well no it isn't!