Monday, 8 December 2014

Abbott's excuses are specious

Steve from Brisbane  writes critically ( as usual) about Tony Abbott.

When asked why he broke his promises Abbott says circumstances changed.The budget was worse than he thought.

Unfortunately He either does not know about the Charter of Budget Honesty or he is clearly lying about it. This is ironic as he was part of the government that introduced this legislation.

The Charter of Budget Honesty has in it the release of PEFO. This is a statement by the Departments of Treasury and finance about how the budget is and where it is going.

We can see how the new government changed assumptions and also some spending and taxing decisions in the MYEFO.

As one can see the Government forced changes on the Departments as is their right. They also contributed to the deficit getting larger and then blamed the previous government.

Abbott is merely continuing to lie about lying which has made them quite unpopular and continues to do so. It appears the punters have a reasonable grasp on what the books were like and know Abbott is incorrect in what he says.

Again it is highly ironic that the more Abbott repeats this mantra the more he is distrusted.

What the punters have not discerned as yet is that budget blow-outs can occur simply because of changed economic assumptions not because of deliberate Government action. Hence they are not accepting The Government's explanation of why the Budget is blowing out and why it is not important is simply not resonating. What has the electorate in total confusion is the difference in what the government is now saying about the Budget they are in government and what they were saying in Opposition.

Again this is highly ironic.