Monday, 27 January 2014

Castle -Series 6 thus far

Well just to start with here were my thoughts prior to Series 6.

and then this after series 6 started.
Yes a little repetitious but then it had to be. 

Firstly season 6 has been overall pretty good. Once you take out the first two dreadful episodes concerning the DC job where it appeared to be a different series to Castle and the awful Alexis episode ( where the writers had the appalling taste to put Father and Daughter building theory together. This is foreplay for Caskett!) there has been only one episode which I rate boring. The very last one. Some of the episodes have been absolute ball-tearers. ( The time traveller being my favourite.) Marlowe wrote a fantastic episode!

Secondly and very surprisingly the first arc of series 6 showed that Beckett was stupid, selfish, self-centred and very fickle in accepting the job. We had confirmation she did NO homework before accepting the job and didn't think of the consequences once she started.Hence all my criticisms were actually confirmed although I very much doubt that Marlowe was aware of what he was doing.
We had the pathetic sight of Castle attempting to remedy the situation by saying he bought an apartment in DC as he can write anywhere. Only problem is he had no evidence for this. He wrote his first best-seller at Uni and then wrote at the Old Haunt until he bought the Loft,. That is where he writes now. Indeed he has said  in a number of episodes. ( Don't any of these writers look at the previous episodes of Castle to provide consistency in the canon!)

Thirdly Stana cannot hold centre stage on her own. With Castle in the background in the first two episodes it was very boring. Contrast that to Headhunters in series 4. Nathan can hold his own!

Fourthly Beckett has completely changed in her attitude with regard to the Caskett relationship. It appears to have happened after her DC failure however this is only strongly implied. We do not know for sure. Moreover if she hasn't learned any lessons from this failure then she will do it again. hence viewers need to know.

I can see this series getting better and better as the wedding approaches. 
Here's hoping and keep Marlowe well away from that episode!