Monday, 13 May 2013

Castle's last episode of the season. Some Reactions

Paul Krugman said Their relationship was never a long term one. Castle was more interested in super models in the past than in simple ISLM models.

Brad De Long has his Department of Huh! If Beckett is not in a depression the multilpier for their relationship is near zero

David Glasner says Neither Castle nor Beckett paid enough attention to relationships during the 30s. Castle has an inflation problem and this can only be overcome by planting a Haw tree.

 David Giles stated he had done an equation on the last episode of Castle, the Mentalist, Jag and Bones and got a R2 of .98

Frances Woolley survey of university students found Captain Gates was the hottest female.

Andrew Gelman asserted both these studies suffered from poor P values as they were affected by Castle's prostate

Simon Wren-Lewis believed the reason for people only drinking red wine on Castle  was because the series suffered from a liquidity trap

Kevin o'Rourke said the series should be renamed Kevin Ryan Boyo

Ricardian Ambivalence said the reason for problems between Castle and Beckett was that the real and nominal partsof their relationship were diverging.

Andrew Bolt stated Beckett was no longer hot and this proved that AGW was a hoax!

Sinclair Davidson said Castle should dump Beckett and marry a female cop from the private sector.

Mark Banisch stated Beckett should dump Castle as he was attempting to impose a neo-liberal relationship upon her

Steve Kates said the problem was that  all the writers were Keynesians and were trying to stimulate Castle too much

Judith Sloan said Beckett should have used peroxide

and here is what all Caskett shippers have been waiting for

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