Thursday, 2 May 2013

Around the Traps 3/5/13

It is Friday in Sydanee and therefore time for Around the Traps.

Going by the statistics a lot of people read this which is a tribute to those who write in the blogosphere.

These are merely most of the stuff I have read over the week and are good reading and hopefully gets you thinking for the weekend.

Special things to note:
  • You must read Deridda Derider's comment (Oz section and highlighted)
  • David Giles now gets his own section on econometrics
  • Andrew Gelman's blogroll is at the bottom for all those  interested
  • R&R related articles are in bld bold and in the general section
  • in most posts you learn as much from the comments!




 Andrew Gelman well mainly Statistics
Andrew David Giles writes on econometrics

Andrew Gelman's blogroll  here