Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The Long Hot Summer

This summer and well before it has simply been dreadful because of bushfires.

Here is Sydanee I have never experienced such smoke nor dust for such a long period.
You can wake up in the morning and see  brown dust on your car.

however never in my life  have I ever seen signs as this simmer has brought.

People in the sea to avoid a bushfire, transport unable to move on major highways, towns running out of food, water and electricity.

It is simply horrendous and here in Australia we are front page news right around the world.

It should also be immediately apparent that no array of hazard reduction would have averted this catastrophe. We are in our second once in a hundred year drought within 20 years! The ground is bitterly dry. It is tinderbox conditions.
Once a fire is raging it will go like the clappers more so when the wind is strong.

New techniques are obviously needed.

There is too much done by volunteers. to fight they take rec leave. They use it all up and then have no money to carry on. What is worse they go back to work in a poor condition such is the physical, mental and psychological effects of fighting fires..
We are one of the few countries to rely on volunteers. We should investigate whether this needs to continue as much as it needs to mow.

All these people in these ares need our prayers and thoughts.


I forgot talking about the economic consequences. They will be far greater then even previously thought/ Infrastructure needs to be repaired very quickly. although this is mainly a state responsibility my guess is hands be be directed at Canberra given the level of the problems.

John Quiggin has a good article on  the health problems of bushfires

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