Sunday, 4 November 2018


I do find it amusing people called commentators have either little idea of what they are talking about or are outright liars.
Take Andrew Bolt. He is in the John Quiggin or Ken Parish league of prognosticating on politics.
He wonders why the people of Nauru do not have the same problems that Asylum Seekers have. Mate They live there. If they have the means they can go anywhere. Asylum Seekers cannot leave the Island. It is a prison. Indeed if you are not used to the climate it is horrible.
He says the people there are illegal immigrants. No Asylum Seekers can go to any country they wish to go to.

However you would expect this from a person which a court found his article was inaccurate , In Boltspeak that is a lie.

Let us now take Gerry Henderson. He claimed the changing of our embassy had been taken to cabinet. No it had not. If it had the cabinet would have had informational from DFAT and even defence. The DFAT Secretary did not even know about it until the last minute.
Henderson was Howard's chief of staff when Howard was in Opposition. clearly he had no experience or background for the job. his comments here says he is completely ignorant of cabinet procedure or he is a patent liar.
What is worse neither of the other people in Insiders picked him up on this. They ( Barrie Cassidy, Malcolm Farr and Katherine Murphy) are just as bad. clearly no-one on that panel were insiders at all.


I should have mentioned Bolt is one of those who denies Trump sais the media are an enemy of the people. Whoopsy ever tried reading Trump's tweets?
Let us just remember no conservative would be a Trump apologist like Bolt is. for a start a conservative is a defender of a rules based tracing scheme. Trump is not and wants to tear it down.

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