Wednesday, 3 October 2018

A nice Trip

I have been away for a number of days.
I went to a place called Hillview which is not far from wither Wingham or Taree. My wife has friends who have retired there there.

They have now got the internet. It is pure countryside. The air is pure , the only noise are the animals and at this time of year it isn't too hot.

On a typical afternoon it is very pleasant to sit on the porch and sip red wine whilst taking in the sensational views.

A few things in no order of importance.

  • The drive along the pacific highway is boring. Trees , more trees and even more damned trees. Oh for some green countryside or a bit of the ocean.
  • The only upside of using the highway is fuel economy. Our Kia Cerato gets in the high 9s in fuel economy around the city. We got to 6 on the trip.
  • The ABC is an absolute boon in the countryside. It was a great pleasure to listen to ABC classic. ABC local radio is an absolute must listen whenever there is a bushfire.
  • homegrown vegetables taste way better than even those we buy at the local fruit and veg at Eastwood.
  • time goes much slower in the country. you can relax very easily.
  • with the advent of the NBN living in the countryside is becoming a very attractive proposition.
  • the only problem in retiring to the countryside is your family cannot visit you all that often

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