Monday, 9 April 2018

Liddell Power Station

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about the Liddell power station and its future.

Firstly Kriti Nagrath looks at this.  AGL do have a future without Liddell with which AEMO is comfortable with.

Secondly Simon Homes A Court examines how AGL acquired it and looks to its future.

A couple of things to contemplate.

  • AGL have stated their plans on replacing the power from Liddell when it closes.
  • AEMO is quite satisfied with that.
  • Liddell is a nice little earner for AGL mainly but not only becasuse of the absurd low prices it pays for coal, 
  • This ends when the plant closes.

On a related matter I offer up Hugh Saddler with a dated article on busting myths about South Australia's wind and solar power

In another fact free article  Big Al goes thew full Katesy and now advocates  nationalising coal powered Stations. He even goes further and believes Liddell should be adquired from AGL and owned by the Government.  I must have missed that in the 'conservative handbook. Nationalising industries.

Are there any conservatives in Australia with an intellect and consistency in views?

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