Monday, 24 March 2014

SA Government, Bolt plus a bit more

South Australia has a government now one independent has said he will support the Labor Party.
As I previously said I thought it strange that a party with 53% of the 2PP vote could lose an election.
however the electorates are not gerrymandered as Thomas Playford did back in the 60s where Don Dunstan got 55% of the vote and lost.
Unfortunately the liberal vote was far too concentrated in safe seats. The Independent looked at seat numbers and came to a sensible conclusion. The Liberals lost votes in the campaign.
Here is Steve form Brisbane on this. see also Mumble.

The Government is going to change the racial discrimination act to ensure there are no more judgments like what happened to Andrew Bolt. My opinion is pretty similar to John Quiggin on this.
It is ironic the litigants to Bolt to this court so they wouldn't get any money merely a correction.
Bolt was his usual indolent self in his research and got the facts wrong AGAIN!

I can't get over how poor the government is in Parliament.Given it is all in favor of the government in parliament and it is their first term they should be well on top of the Opposition but they are not.

 I guess it doesn't help when you appoint a speaker who is incompetent and makes you look bad. It doesn't help when the Treasurer can't even get his story right either.At present it is not the Opposition putting pressure on the Government but the Government looking decidedly unimpressive